Profitable no-code apps database and insights report

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What will you receive?

  • A live database of 69+ hand-curated profitable apps built with no code!

  • An insights report about these profitable no-code apps.

Report summary

  • Why no-code?
  • What can we build with no-code?
  • Summary of the database
  • Can you raise the capital with an app built with no-code?
  • Can you build a great UI/UX with a no-code platform?
  • Can you make games without code?
  • Can no-code apps scale up?
  • Can you build a profitable Blockchain or AI app with no-code?

Here are some criteria I choose an app

  • Traffic and page rank
  • UI/UX
  • Potential growth in the future
  • The app is listed in its platform Showcase section
  • Featured in news
  • Featured in Product Hunt

How do I know an app is profitable?

  • It is an Open Startup.
  • Is it still in the beta version?
  • Estimate revenue base on traffic estimation like Similarweb
  • Founders share about revenue on forums/social network


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How do I access the database?

Please wait for a few minutes after the purchase. I will add you to an Airtable table to access the Profitable no-code apps database. 

You can duplicate the database and have full access to add your own additional columns.

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Profitable no-code apps database and insights report

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